Yoga with a Legend

Sometimes, life awards you/me with very special moments to remember for the rest of the life. 

Being a newly certified yoga teacher, I am still in every way learning the wisdom and beauty and spirit of yoga.

Today I was blessed by a legendary Gerda Krebs, the “Yogi #1” in Alberta. She is approaching her 90th “young self” and I was honored to take her class. I have never, ever been in that type of yoga: class full of genuine care, love, connection with students. I think all other students are in there 60’s or 70th and believe me, their flexibility, balance and strength are admirable, holding head stands for a minute or longer. 

It was such an amazing kind energy in the room. Gerda connected every pose to the benefit of specific body part, being both firm and gentle in her cuing. 

I was soaking every moment of the class, but most of all, the connection and conversation with this oh so tiny giant after the class. 

Morning to remember forever. And of course, I am so looking forward to practice in the same room under her guidance and teachings. 

Namaste my friends.