No Excuses for Self-Care

Dear, friends! I believe that self-care is non-negotiable. So last night was one of those evenings to realize I need food for tomorrow and I am too tired to cook anything fancy or labor intensive, aka no "Mise en place " 

So I have decided to try “overnight” soup/salad and utilized my slow cooker for the night: everything went into the pot: leaks, kale stalks, asparagus woody “bottoms”, turnips, carrots, beets, sunchokes, organic mushrooms from Costco, ginger, turmeric, leftover kimchi and hemp seeds.  It was seasoned with curry powder, coriander seeds, bay leaf, freshly ground nutmeg, lots of pepper and couple sheets of kombu for umami, I turned in off early in the morning and prepared my soup/salad adding walnuts, olives, and microgreens, and seasoned with olive oil. Oh it is a treat. It really was so simple and fast.