My glass is always half full

I think that our health is about choices and thoughts. 

One can say, it’s the end of March and it should be spring outside. Why is it snowing? I don’t like it. 

I understand; however, I consider this beautiful and clean white powder as a blessing for many reasons. Maybe it’s the moisture that our farmers and forests and fields need to prevent fires? 

But for me, white and clean snow is peace and happiness with my puppy on the park walk. 

Forest Bathing

The Japanese call this “forest bathing,” and it carries a lot of decompressing and stress releasing properties. And my boy Fiddler loves the snow and he loves our bush walks. If he is happy, it makes me happy. Pet therapy is a positive therapy. 

So it’s your choice of choices and thoughts. 

To health and happiness,

Sveta (and Fiddler).