Zinc is on my mind!

As a vegan for over 15 years, I am very vigilant as to my body

micro-elements need. The more I study and learn foods and nutritional health, the more

specific and stringent, I get with my food choices.

This is my choice to minimize consumption of grains and legumes for

multiple reasons, be that lectins or sugars. However, this also brings the

need of additional mineral supplementation and what are the most valid


Zinc is on my mind. The foods, most rich in zinc are not on my menu, as

they are wither animal derived or legumes and grains. May be that’s

what explains my interest in “what and how” to get my zinc levels to the

proper levels of ultimate health.

Zinc is the second most abundant trace element (after iron) essential for

all living organisms and it participates in myriads of cellular

physiological and biochemical processes.

Its role in healthy aging is particularly important as it prevents neo

plastic cell growth, is involved in mitotic cell division, DNA and RNA

repair (1).

I would love to provide some sources for you to look up the most zinc

rich foods and why.

Hope you can benefit from that knowledge to empower your health.

Here it comes,

Thank you and I am so grateful for your desire to maintain and improve

your health and ultimately happiness.


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