MLM and Unity of Hearts

MLM or Network marketing: pyramid scheme, right? 

It can be indeed. And it can be a business of not only creating a life freedom with residual income, but also a “new family” and relations builder. 

Tears in my eyes, while I am writing this blog about human unity in midst of tragedy. 

I would have never known this my dear friend if it wouldn’t have been for network marketing. She is my upline, yes, she is my leader, teacher, and mentor, but in years, she became my FRIEND. Most of us are not lucky enough to stumble upon someone, we can call a FRIEND, a soulmate. 

She is someone I confine and cry and share most vulnerable secrets and happy moments. Well, the inconceivable tragedy hit, and she lost her husband, father of two amazing boys, she lost the foundation of her success and family unit. She suddenly lost her rock of life.

And our MLM unity came on to embrace and love on her and support in this time of unthinkable tragedy. 

The power of love came from all sorts of “upline”, “downline”, “crossline”, “sideline”- all the possible lines. The power of love!!!!

Team members flew and drove into town to be with her, so please before you mention: “pyramid scheme”, STOP, please stop! 

We build a community, and not just to make money but a community that is full of loving and caring people.

Please be kind, be human, be thoughtful and please have a courage to ask “what you are talking about”, and please don’t judge, please don’t, judge.  

We need more kindness and open heartedness. 

Love and hug and embrace and learn and stride for better as one never knows how short the “light can shine upon us”. 

Love to you all. 

In pain and tears.