I have an interesting “love and un-ease” relationship with Facebook.

Let’s start with the "love" concept. I love pictures and stories, I love waking up in the morning and checking amazing pictures and little videos on cats and dogs. I love amazing little “clip notes” of happiness, whether they are about my friends, or people, I don’t even know. And I love to post my stories, I love to share my life, and indeed, pictures of my cats and my food and copy and paste some health-related blogs. I love “Facebook live”-I just do.

Every morning upon waking up, I love wishing happy birthdays to “my FB friends”, everyone, whether they know me or not: It’s a happy note.

I also love to say a prayer or send a love and support emoji when people are in perils, I do believe this energy helps, and thank you for asking.

Well, let’s start on a serious note of FB “annoyance”: It’s like an addiction to scroll over the posts, at times, it’s simply me “running away” from the daily plans, from my “daily homework”. It is so much easier to scroll FB, rather than read a medical paper or concentrate on a more brain consuming or must needed task. It’s a “run away” from things that I don’t want to do.

Social media, and FB as one of the platforms for network advertising and recruiting is a very serious and quite beneficial way of promoting the business, however, I question myself, whether it’s the right way for me to do so? As a health care practitioner and a scholar of cellular health, indeed, my opinion and so to speak “weight” is quite influential. I find an ethical battle and unease of promoting my network marketing business on social media. However, I am also finding myself in a conundrum of a thought: not promoting my products, which bring incredible health benefits, do I deny people the opportunity to get better? Is it about me or is it about people?

I love to hear your thoughts and learn from you. Please share.

From my heart to yours, with all my vulnerabilities and uncertainties, but with all my love to you.