Blisses of Happiness

My friends, thank you so much for being patient with me: I have been quiet for a long time, but so happy to be back and open my heart again.

A thought came to my mind: “Do we remember and acknowledge short moments of happiness and joy, or do we dwell on negative events that hurt us”? 

In the last week, I was catching myself in a few moments of happy bliss and then wanting to write about them, only to forget or “kind of ignore”.

We dwell and “cook inside and regurgitate” on personal negative events that we do, at least I do.

However, there is nothing better for us and our cells as the message of positivity.

So, let’s start with last week events:

I am taking an ethics course and had an incredible class with an amazing teacher-learning and understanding philosophy and psychology of human behaviors and simply connecting. Being on “cloud 9”, after my Friday class I had to go/drive to an appointment at Canadian Tire to fix an “annoyingly” slow leaking tire.  I have received amazing service with a smile and personal care and my repair was free (yes, please buy your tires from Canadian Tire). It indeed was a short and happy bliss.

After Sunday chair yoga class, one of my students has mentioned how great she feels after it: another moment of happy bliss. I have helped someone to feel better-positivity, please positivity.

I don’t know about you, but I have a “very busy brain”, so meditation with “letting it go”, is rather challenging: Tuesday yoga class with most amazing 90 yo wise and energetically pure teacher: I have experienced moments of pure mediation, there were no thoughts, just connection with the body and breath-it was very brief, but indeed, it’s a moment of bliss.

My husband has been in pain for the last couple years from his abdominal trauma and that’s always on my mind. We have struggled to find a solution and yesterday, my very and I mean very happy bliss was: there is hope for Harry-an amazing carrying and listening doctor. Doctor, who thoroughly examined and again, LISTENED to us, to HEAR us to come up with therapy. Two plus years of negativity and such a positive bliss of hope and belief.

And to be honest with you, the happiest bliss is to write and connect with you. The last couple years were very challenging and dwelling on negativity and soul pain blocked me from writing and acknowledging those positivity blisses.

I am so happy to be able to share.

To happy blisses.

With love and hugs indeed.